Crossfit injuries a cash cow for chiropractors and physical therapists

CrossFit, the high-intensity power-training workout, has rocketed in popularity but has also come under fire for its link to the potentially deadly kidney condition rhabdomyolysis.

During the past two years, chiropractors say they’ve seen an increase in CrossFit patients who are suffering overuse injuries.

“I’ve gone from never having heard of CrossFit to having a number of regular CrossFit clients,” Dr. Robert Hayden told me in an exclusive interview. “From a business perspective, these folks make great patients because they’re recurring customers.”

‘An Injury Waiting to Happen’

Dr. Hayden, a Georgia-based chiropractor who’s a rep for the American Chiropractic Association, said his colleagues have also experienced an influx of CrossFit patients.

Mimms, now 34, said he’s permanently disabled as a result. CrossFit responded to the lawsuit by sarcastically renaming the WOD (Workout of the Day) that injured Mimms the “Makimba” and recategorizing it as a children’s workout.

CrossFit headquarters has typically reacted to the injury issue by saying critics are suggesting that people should lie on the couch, not exercise, and get fat (as if the only alternative to CrossFit is couch-surfing). Or they take aim at critics through petty verbal attacks and lame threats on Twitter.

Meanwhile, CrossFit founder Greg Glassman has openly boasted that WODs “are designed to exceed the capacities of the worlds fittest athletes.” He admitted the rigorous workouts can cause serious injury or even death.

“If you find the notion of falling off the rings and breaking your neck so foreign to you, then we don’t want you in our ranks,” Glassman told the NY Times. “[CrossFit] can kill you. I’ve always been completely honest about that.”


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